Good Reason for Nudity and Giant Lava Lamp

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Porter County took the unusual step of auctioning off a 132-bed jail. It was a desperate move to avoid a cost of more than $300,000 to demolish the structure. Unbelievably, they're now looking at nearly that much in profits.

When bidding for the jail opened at $25,000, several hotel operators jumped into the action, apparently impressed with the potential security, if not the view, of several of the rooms.

The winning bidder is now turning the prison into a nightclub — and you can already tell, it's a club that won't be easy to get into. The Study of Rich White Guys: If you want to be more like the ultra-rich, maybe you should study them.

Rich white guys like Bill Gates and Dick Cheney are part of a minority group, at least according to professor Channa Newman, who began teaching a class this year on "Wealthy White Males" at Point Park College in Pittsburgh.

Channa claims that not enough attention is spent studying the political and economic power wielded by this curious minority. They sign our paychecks. They hold our mortgages. But do we really know them? And would they pose naked with chocolate bunnies?

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