Haunting Halloween Costume History

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Pet Supplies Plus reports that about half their customers buy pet apparel for various holidays, including Halloween. At least 18 percent want matching wardrobes. Animal costumes range in price from $8 to $22.

2. Little Miss Muffet’s Hot Haunt If you're single, your idea of a Halloween thrill might not come in a plastic pumkin-shaped basket filled with candy. Here's some fashion advice:

For ladies, dressing like a French maid or a hooker is out. What's in? Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders, Charlie's Angels and Trinity from The Matrix.

"Adults take a cue from celebrities on Halloween," says Sheri Maxwell of "You still get women who want to be sexy cats and bunnies, but dressing as a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader is very hot."

For $79, women can put a new twist on Little Miss Muffet, with an outfit that would heat up any man's tuffet, and attract way more than spiders.

Many men are still donning swords and sandals, like Russell Crowe in Gladiator. But with a third installment of The Matrix coming out, Keanu Reeves clones are also big sellers, Maxwell says.

But if you're having a party, you should also expect an army of green-skinned guys, eager to play the Hulk — a costume that requires not much more than torn jeans and body paint, not to mention years of dieting and exercise. There's always the Invisible Man.

3. The Father-and-Son Elvis Experience

Are you lonesome tonight? Not this Halloween. The world of Elvis impersonation is now a father-and-son experience, now that Graceland had released the first official Elvis jumpsuits for kids and adults.

Teach your kid to swivel his hips, snarl his lips, and drive girls wild. The King's official Web site offers the legendary "Eagle Jumpsuit" — just like the one Elvis wore on stage — available in three kiddie sizes for $25 and a "one size fits most" man-sized model for $95.

After you put little Elvis to bed, big Elvis might want to seek after-hours Halloween fun. Graceland is offering "Burnin' Love" boxer shorts ($15), with flames shooting out from all the right places.