Nudist Recreation Enjoys Growth Spurt

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A second nudist summer camp for kids opened three years ago in Arizona, with a third and fourth slated to open in Richmond, Va., and Texas.

Classic Car Buffs: Talk about sex drive: At the annual Nude Car Show in Cambridge, Wis., you can expect to see an unusual display of front ends and spare tires. You'll also see more than 50 classic cars.

The Valley View Nudist Recreation Club, which has hosted the event each summer for more than a decade, says a nude car show is just like any other car show. One big exception: Nudists can't sit in the cars.

Bridge of Thighs: You might have a body that could stop traffic. But that doesn't mean you want to cause accidents. In February, Palm Springs opened the world's first "nude bridge" — a $500,000 140-foot-long pedestrian crossing with canvas screens — allowing unclothed vacationers to cross a busy California intersection without being seen by motorists.

The city kicked in $185,000 to rework sidewalks and roads for the project, and held an elaborate ribbon-cutting ceremony, recognizing that clothing-optional resorts plays a part in Palm Springs' ability to attract tourists.

The bridge accommodates guests at the fast-growing Desert Shadows — a Mediterranean-style resort that includes a 33-room hotel, 59 one- and two-bedroom villas, 17 condos, four pools, a gym, putting green, and spa.

The resort was built on land where Errol Flynn and Doris Day once owned hotels. Flynn's property is now the nude tennis court, where players wear Velcro belts around their waist, to hold extra tennis balls.

Birthday Suit Brides: Jamaica's Hedonism III resort in Runaway Bay offers world-class water sports — sailing, Jet Skiing, and surfing — all in the buff.

But the picturesque beaches are also said to be quite romantic, leading some guests to exchange wedding vows with the bride wearing nothing more than suntan lotion.

Music legend Englebert Humperdinck even sent good wishes and advice to grooms at a multiple wedding in February: "Don't go in cold water before the ceremony."

Follow the Bouncing Ball: The competitive spirit runs high at the Lake Como Nudist Resort's tennis and volleyball tournaments in Florida. But you can't wear anything, except sneakers.

In May, the Tampa-area resort began broadcasting the nude competition over the Internet. "We wanted to step out of the box and show that we are accepting of all body types," says resort spokeswoman Elf Anderson. "This was nothing more than good, clean fun."