Political Slogans Gets Meaner

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• Good Talking Bush: Press a button and make the president say things — just like Dick Cheney, a Democrat might say. Bush lovers clearly feel otherwise about's commander in chief, which incorporates 25 real Bush sound bites, like "I'm glad to be in the midst of patriots."

• Not-So-Good Talking Bush: Democrats who squeal with pleasure each time the president mangles the English language will prefer the talking Bush at, which boasts five inspirational sayings along with 20 funny ones, which, as the president might say, shouldn't be "misunderestimated."

• Dress Up Bush … in a Dress: Are you ready for Boy George W.? You can depict the president in lacy women's attire with the magnetic dress-up Dubya Dolls — a toy even Arnold Schwarzenegger might define as a "girlie man."

• George W. "Top Gun" Action Figure: When Bush flew a Navy jet and landed dramatically on the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln last year to declare an end to hostilities in Iraq, he may have spoken too soon. Still, supporters who love the president's gusto won't be disappointed by the "Top Gun" Bush action figure, which comes decked out in helmet and goggles, ready to declare victory.

• Pull My Finger President: Talk about a weapon of mass destruction: You can sing "Hail to the Cheese" when you play with "Pull My Finger President," a doll with a case of flatulence. Democrats who say the war in Iraq is really about cheap gas might think it's a real toot.

4. Political Punching Bags

Frustrated with politics? You can take swings at Bush and Kerry inflatable "bop" punching bags, ranging from kiddie-sized 46-inch playthings to 5-foot-tall models, allowing folks of all ages express themselves both politically and violently.