Bang a Gong for Chuck Barris

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Would a man really talk about concealing microfilm in his rectum just to sell books? Just remember who we're talking about. When dog acts were on The Gong Show Barris claimed he'd rub Alpo on his suit, because an unscripted snout-in-the-crotch was good for a laugh, every time.

Barris, now 73, won't elaborate on his supposed spy past, even as he promotes the movie. All he says is, "I can't."

He can't? Why not? Is it too painful? Is the government putting a gag on him? He leaves that to our imagination. That's Chuckie Baby, as the world once knew him, selling the show. Truth or fiction, you decide.

Chuck might not be a spy, but he has made some lasting contributions — and he has done some good in the world. Let's take a look. Frisky Dating Game Dialogue

The Dating Game brought the swingin' sexual revolution to TV. Back in 1965, TV shows didn't even acknowledge that husbands and wives slept in the same bed. Suddenly, men and women were engaging in this sort of frisky over-the-top dialogue:

Bachelorette: Bachelor No 3, make up a poem for me. Bachelor No. 3: Dollar for dollar, and ounce for ounce, I'll give you pleasure cause I'm big where it counts. The Newlywed Game, started a year later, allowed TV to acknowledge that, indeed, there was sex after marriage.

Host: What household chore will your wife say you do exactly the way you make whoopee? Husband: Wash the dishes. Host: Your wife said, "Take out the garbage."

From the very start, the contestants needed no prodding to talk dirty. "The second week's shows were more horrendous than the first," he said. "Angelic little girls and seemingly benign gentlemen were metamorphosing into garbage pails."

An Unusual Place for Whoopee

The most salacious Newlywed Game moment has long been considered an Urban Legend, appropriately titled, "Where's the most unusual place you've made whoopee?"

As the story goes, in 1977, host Bob Eubanks put that question to a couple named Olga and Hank. One might anticipate that she would says something like, "The back seat of a Buick Skylark."

To put it politely, Olga thought "unusual spot" meant a part of her body where she had sexually experimented. And she answered with slang, referring to her posterior.