Shirley McLaine's Next Frontier

Dancing Spiritualist Still Out on a Limb — But Now Online

By Buck Wolf

July 20, 2000 — Just because you have past life experiences doesn’t mean you live in the past. Just ask Shirley MacLaine.

The Oscar-winning actress now has a Web site to tell the world about her latest out-of-body adventures and UFO encounters. After a 500 mile trek across northern Spain this year to reinvigorate her spirit, MacLaine, who is 66 (in this lifetime), now wants to devote her self to teaching.

“I think everyone goes through a period where they want to teach. I’m in that phase now,” MacLaine tells The Wolf Files. “It’s quite a rush to lead a group meditation with a thousand people. I help them to get in touch with past life experiences and resolve the troubles they face.”

By MacLaine’s various accounts of her past lives, she’s just about done it all. She’s been a man from Atlantis, a peg-legged pirate, an Indian princess who telepathically communicates with elephants, and Charlemagne’s mystical lover.

But America’s foremost advocate in New Age spiritualism has been conspicuously absent from the cyberworld. That seems out of character for someone with so many psychic friends. But MacLaine says all that’s changed.

“I’m going to bring together the best of the Internet on spiritualism and help people seek truth about their past lives and the world around them,” MacLaine says.

“I suppose aliens also use the Internet. If it is out there, why wouldn’t they?”

After a humble launch two months ago, is now getting its first PR thrust, as MacLaine begins meditation seminars in San Francisco, Las Vegas and Denver. She’ll also be chatting online, appearing July 19 on, one of the largest health sites on the Net.

Writing Jokes for Leno If she’s still the butt of Jay Leno’s jokes, MacLaine doesn’t care. “I heard his bit about me and Charlemagne, and I can laugh at it. Heck, I’ve even given Leno jokes,” she says.