Archie Bunker's Last Stand

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On the difference between Richard Nixon and Franklin Roosevelt: "Well, I'll tell you one thing about President Nixon. He keeps Pat home. Which was where Roosevelt should have kept Eleanor. Instead he let her run around loose until one day she discovered the colored. We never knew they were there. She told them they were gettin' the short end of the stick and we been having trouble ever since."

On his memories of carrying his wife across the threshold on their wedding day: "I says to her, 'Watch your head, Dingbat, or you'll knock your brains out!'"

On premarital sex: Archie tells his son-in-law that he never, ever had sex with his wife until they were married. "Yeah," Edith adds, "And even then … "

On God's words to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden: "Get your clothes and get the hell out of here."

It's O'Connor's genius that he could deliver such material with humanity. Folks say he was as nice and kind as they come. May he rest in peace.

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