Beard Champions Bristle With Pride

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Some folks are sick of telemarketers and signing up in droves for the "do-not-call" registry. Others, sick of conformity, are throwing out their razors and signing up with Jackson's "do-not-shave" registry.

"Our beards are unique to each of us. They come in different shapes and colors," says Jackson. "It's a statement. And no two are alike. They're like our fingerprints or DNA."

The first whiskered woman to join the bearded registry is a 26-year-old from Philadelphia who sports a short brown goatee that she's been growing for just over a year, according to the site.

The Jacksons were happy to welcome her. But they don't expect too many others.

"Of course, women have societal pressures to conform. They're just different than the ones men face," Jackson says.

"But women don't really need a National Beard Registry," he says. "I think they need a National Eyebrow Registry. When's the last time you saw a women who let her eyebrows grow naturally? It's like they're disappearing, and they shouldn't. The time has come …"

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