Michael Jackson Plan to 'Heal the Children'

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Two years ago, Jackson asked Geller through Al Fayed to instruct him in telekinetics. "Michael has great concentration and he is a great learner," Geller said. "I think he has potential."

In the course of his studies, Geller gave Jackson Boteach's sex manual. And suddenly, the King of Pop found another tutor.

Jackson Likes Bagels

Boteach's run as the rabbinical answer to Dr. Ruth began with the 1999 publication of Kosher Sex, a best seller that shook the Orthodox Jewish community for stressing, among other things, that oral sex can be very good for a marriage.

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One of Boteach's big crowd pleasers is reminding folks that "rabbis long ago made the female orgasm an obligation incumbent on every Jewish husband."

Detractors call Boteach a shameless publicity seeker who condemns pornography yet allows his book to be excerpted in Playboy. Those folks are sure to say he latched onto Jackson to keep his name in the news.

"I would hardly call myself Michael's spiritual adviser," Boteach said modestly. "I'm just a friend."

But the rabbi and the psychic both think Jackson has the makings of good Jew. "Michael is loving and compassionate," said Boteach.

Also, the rabbi joked, "Michael really likes bagels."

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