Do Blondes Really Have More Fun?

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1959: A Doll and Her Dreamhouse The Barbie Doll is introduced at the New York Toy Fair, making Malibu Ken forevermore feel anatomically inadequate.

1964: Witchy Women Unite Elizabeth Montgomery debuts as Samantha Stephens on Bewitched. Note that she donned a black wig to play Sam's evil cousin Serena.

1974: Call Me Deborah Harry tops the charts as the lead singer of Blondie. One way or another, she became one of the few stars to survive the disco era.

1981: Fairy-Tale Wedding After many years of bachelordom, Prince Charles marries Lady Diana Spencer in the royal event of the century. British tabloids would savor morsels of gossip about their ill-fated marriage for years to come.

1982: Now That's Living Martha Stewart publishes her first book, Entertaining — a groundbreaking good thing. Bad things were to follow.

1983: Like a Virgin Superstar Madonna releases Madonna, her debut album. She would go from Material Girl to earth mother as she constantly reinvented everything about herself. But even when she's not blond, she's still got blond ambition.

2001: Red, White and Blond Hillary Rodham Clinton becomes the first first lady to be elected to public office, as a senator from New York. In a true story of blond resiliency, she turns the horror of her husband's extramarital affairs with a brunet intern into a best seller.

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