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Guy Gadgets for Father's Day

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6. For a Well-Rounded Dad: The 3-D Digital Camera Kit
Two dimensions were never enough to capture the grandeur of your dad's gravy-stained Hawaiian shirt. Now, the eye-popping magic of 3-D photography can be yours. Mission 3D offers a $128 kit — including software, tripod and special 3-D glasses — so that you and your digital camera can break through to the third dimension, just like the great white shark in "Jaws 3D." Think of it as your own personal monster movie starring your family's patriarch.

7. For the Guy Who's Not the Typing Type: A Digital Pen
Oh, the shame of never learning to use a keyboard. If your old man came from that pre-computer age, he may be that hunt-and-peck type of typist. But even if he's a whiz on his laptop, he might appreciate the opportunity to jot down his notes on good, old-fashioned paper.

With Logitech's io2 Digital Writing System, your handwritten notes can be automatically uploaded to your computer. This $200 writing implement stores up to 25 pages without recharging, and the latest generation of digital pens, unveiled a few weeks ago, are as sleek as everyday ballpoints.

Just place the uncapped pen into a docking station and an editable computer file will be created. When you first buy the system, you'll need to take a training session, which allows the Logitech software to learn to recognize your handwriting. But users say that a computer can read the most ragged scrawl. The system can even turn your notebook doodles into computer graphics.

8. For a Dad Who Finds Mass Media a Turn-Off: TV-B-Gone
Until a device comes along that can silence all your kids at once, the next best thing might be TV-B-Gone. This $15 device is a universal remote control that has one purpose — to shut off every TV in a 50-foot vicinity. Keep it in your pocket, and you can shut off several sets at once, possibly every TV in your household, a feature that's sure to make it popular with some dads.

One can only hope the TV-B-Gone will lead to an All-B-Gone — a device that will allow you to zap all the cell phones, hand-held games and other annoying portable electronics in sight. Now that sounds like the makings of a happy Father's Day.

Buck Wolf is entertainment producer at "The Wolf Files" is published Tuesdays.