The Best White House Comics

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The Weird News Roundup

Postmark UFO

Attention agents Mulder and Scully: We have an assignment for you — not to mention a vacation. Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia is hoping to cash in on the UFO craze — and the Canadian federal government is helping out. Legend has it, on Oct. 4, 1967 an unidentified flying object zipped through the scenic coastal town and crashed into the Atlantic, not far from where the Titanic went down. Fishermen still talk about the mysterious, half-mile trail of yellow foam offshore, where the space ship apparently went down.

Conspiracy theorists have been pressing Canadian officials for years, and they've never been satisfied with the answers. But now federal authorities are allowing Shag Harbour to depict the UFO crashing as a post mark. Is the government finally owning up to some deep secrets? No, says local postmaster Cindy Nicherson. "We sell UFO T-shirts, souvenirs and such," she says. "This should help out the town … Me, I don't know … But I am an X-Files fan."

Don't Shoot the Bride

Guns don't shoot brides. But guests sometimes do. Here's something to think about before planning a cowboy-themed wedding: After saying "I do," a Slovakian bride was shot in the ankle by a guest offering her a salute. Several guests, clad in Cowboy chaps, fired their weapons, in a festive "Yee-haw!" One of the shots lodged in the bride's ankle, according to The Associated Press. What's more, the woman, identified only as Tereza, was a few months pregnant. She's reported to be on the mend, and should be up and at the firing range soon.

The Toupee Law

Who should pay for a toupee? Pennsylvania State Rep. Anthony DeLuca thinks the insurance company should — if a medical condition such caused the hair loss. A little rug over the chrome dome isn't the sort of "coverage" most people think of, when they look to their insurance company. Still, DeLuca's bill notes that chemotherapy patients often get prescriptions for "scalp hair prosthesis" (read: toupees).