Political Slogans Gets Meaner

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After a brief dip following 9/11, the industry is enjoying a boom.

"Before Sept. 11, I would have said that our industry is recession-proof. We had 20 years of consecutive growth," says Prickett. "We've rebounded and we're the fastest-growing advertising medium."

With the campaign paraphernalia people working overtime and enjoying the economic prosperity both parties are promising, let's take a look at some of the slogans and products that might help define the 2004 election.

1. Democratic Slogans: The No C.A.R.B. Diet

In the age of Atkins, the Dems are offering Americans the "No C.A.R.B. Diet: No Cheney, No Ashcroft, No Rumsfeld, No Bush … and absolutely no Rice!"

That's the hottest anti-Bush campaign button, according to Another slogan playing on today's headlines: "Stop Mad Cowboy Disease," featuring the president as a cartoon cowboy.

"Let's Not Elect Him in 2004, Either!" on tote bags indicates the residual anger over the last presidential election. Other chestnuts: "I survived the 2000 election and all I got was this lousy president" and "Don't blame me — My vote wasn't counted."

Jokers never get enough of exploiting the president's last name and vice president's first name with cheap Bush-and-Dick jokes best not repeated. Supporters of Vice President Dick Cheney might turn for inspiration to Richard Nixon, who won two national elections with diehard supporters sporting pins that boasted, "They can't lick our Dick."

The Iraq war and the Bush administration's big business connections are certainly the No. 1 flash point. "Vote Enron/Halliburton" is featured on a mock Bush/Cheney logo. You'll also see "Bush Lied, People Died" and "Purple Heart vs. No Heart," playing up Kerry's Vietnam War record.